The Best High Impact Sports Bras

If you're running, playing a fast-paced sport like football, basketball or tennis, or you just like a lot of support, these high impact bras are for you.

We've asked a selection of sporty women what they use, so you know these bras come recommended. Whilst there's great medium and low impact bras out there for sports like cycling and yoga, if you're only going to have a couple then it's probably worth going for the highest impact you can.

Lululemon's Ta Ta Tamer iii

£58, comes in four colours

We struggled to believe that a predominantly yoga focused company would make a good enough high impact bra, but apparently this is a winner. At £58, you'd hope so.

Nike's Rival

£48, comes in black & white

More shaped so less chance of the 'uni-boob' effect, the Nike Rival goes up to a size 38E and has an adjustable mechanism that slots between your shoulder blades.

Royce's Impact Free


Not a brand we'd heard of before, this Royce bra looks bulletproof and it's very reasonably priced. Only one colour though so if you like coral you'll be fine!

Shock Absorber's Ultimate Run

£39, comes in eight colours

A resounding favourite, the shock absorber might not look the nicest but it performs well.  It's also under £40 which a lot of high impact bras aren't.


Brooks' Rebound Racer

£40, comes in eight colours

Adjustable straps and an adjustable back closure make this bra the most customisable of the bunch.

Under Armour's Vanish High

£58, comes in two colours

UA say that this is their 'fastest drying baselayer ever, so it keeps you even cooler'. It also stays close to the skin without squeezing your boobs down.