The Kit Bag: Charlotte Purdue

It obviously takes a lot of running to be a world-class marathon athlete like Charlotte Purdue. But what essentials does she rely on to take her through a season of training? We root around in her kit bag to find out.


1. Trainers

I always have my Nike trainers, they're the most important training tool! I run in Nike Structures. I always have done and they are my favourites because they're supportive and light - great for distance training.


2. Science in Sport Go Hydro Tablets

For hydration, my drinks bottle and electrolytes. The Hydro tablets are super easy to carry around. They come in flavours like mango and pineapple and berry and you just pop them into water and can easily travel with them.


3. Beats Headphones

I carry these for my gym sessions mostly. I don’t listen to music when I run but when I’m in the gym I always like to listen to some good tunes. I love these headphones as they are wireless and so no cables get in the way.


4. Revvies

For a caffeine boost – Revvies! I like to have one or two Revvies before my main training sessions. They dissolve in your mouth and I even have them on the starting line.



5. Boho Kitty Headband

My Boho kitty headband. I usually save my favourite one for racing but when I have a hard session I like to get my Chloe headband out. It makes me feel good and I always run good when I’m feeling good! One of the girls in our training group Heidi See is the beauty behind this brand.

6. Leave-In Conditioner

I always carry this because when it rains my hair goes super frizzy! I spray some leave in conditioner in my hair and then it’s sorted.

7. GPS Watch

I run with a GPS watch for most of my runs. I usually use my Garmin or Apple Watch.


8. Hair ties

I always have a spare! There’s nothing worse than losing one or having one break right before the start of a run.

9. Foam Roller

I like to use my foam roller before and after runs. It’s good to travel with as you never know if you'll be able to get a massage.


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