Watch: This is what a footballer looks like

Over the course of 12 weeks, Hackney Laces footballers have created a documentary that aims to challenge and break stereotypes of female footballers, to encourage more girls and women into sports.

Jakeita, 13 Photo: Edith Whitehead

Jakeita, 13
Photo: Edith Whitehead

This documentary takes you into the lives of 6 players whilst they train on the pitch with Hackney Laces and build an understanding of themselves, and as a team off the pitch during Sisterhood School sessions. 

Hackney Laces is a community supported and run football club for women and girls who want to play football and learn new life skills. Set up by Katee Hui in 2011, they currently run a youth team for ages 11-17 and a senior women’s team as well as two sister clubs: Limehouse Laces in Tower Hamlets that has U11s, U12s and U15s and South London Laces which has a women’s team.

Football should not have a face or a name, it is a sport that anyone can do. When I come to football I am passionate about it and I am empowered.
— Famke, 16

Sisterhood is a social enterprise that raises awareness and develops a personal understanding of the positive impact being a confident young girl can make on her future success. Through Sisterhood School they work with young girls on creating real world projects and design outcomes to gender based and societal issues from body image, breaking stereotypes, period poverty to career aspirations.

Watch the doc below...

This is What a Footballer Looks Like