The Fred Perry Championship 2019

This year, Fred Perry introduced a new national youth tennis tournament: The Fred Perry Championship. 100 years after Fred first played at the Brentham Club, the brand is returning to watch the best of the UK’s players compete to become the best in their category.

For more info on the tournament, listen to our latest Foundation FM show, where we spoke to Global Brand Manager Heather Lowe about why now is the right time for the Fred Perry brand to reconnect with tennis. We also chatted to tennis player Jess Ren who we later found out is Fred Perry Championship alumni when the tournament existed in a previous format!

We sent photographer Jade Danielle Smith down to capture all of the action on day one of the tournament, and these kids were seriously good. Scroll on to see…

webDSCF6061Sloweclub-FredPerryChampionship- Jade Danielle Smith copy.jpg
webDSCF5291Sloweclub-FredPerryChampionship- Jade Danielle Smith copy.jpg
DSCF5540Sloweclub-FredPerryChampionship- Jade Danielle Smith copy.jpg
DSCF5893Sloweclub-FredPerryChampionship- Jade Danielle Smith.jpg
webDSCF6235Sloweclub-FredPerryChampionship- Jade Danielle Smith-2 copy.jpg
webDSCF6230Sloweclub-FredPerryChampionship- Jade Danielle Smith copy.jpg
webDSCF6208Sloweclub-FredPerryChampionship- Jade Danielle Smith copy.jpg
webDSCF6308Sloweclub-FredPerryChampionship- Jade Danielle Smith copy.jpg

Photography by Jade Danielle Smith