CG18 Week 1 Highlights

The first (short) week of the Commonwealth Games 2018 is over and with more than 260 medals won so far, there's been some serious competition for our top 5 moments. Check out who made the cut below.



1. Cate Campbell's Record Breaking Comeback

In her own words, Cate Campbell's performance in Rio 2016 was 'possibly the greatest choke in Olympic history'. This led the 25-year-old to take some time out and re-group last year, not knowing if she would even return to the sport. But the refresher clearly worked, and native Australian Campbell is storming through this years Commonwealth Games.

On Thursday she won her first gold in the women's 4x100m freestyle relay, alongside her sister Bronte, Emma McKeon and Shayna Jack, in which the group broke their own world record. Next she claimed gold in the 50m freestyle, beating a Commonwealth record, and finally on Sunday took gold in the women's 50m butterfly, an event she had no prior experience in before taking up the stroke last year to 'shake things up'.




2. Jade Jones' First Para-Triathlon Gold

Making the transition from track to triathlon post-Rio, Jones began collecting medals and records almost immediately following her first competition in Japan just less than a year ago. It was a debut for the sport itself on the Gold Coast, as para-triathlon debuts at this years Commonwealth Games. 

The inaugural Para-triathlon began with a staggered start, determined by athletes' disability sub-class, competing over a 750m open-water swim, a 20km hand-bike and a 5km run segment on race wheelchairs. Jones, 22, was facing tough competition in the host-nation's Lauren Parker, but caught her during the final stage to take her first gold medal in the sport. Jones said: 'I was always chasing which is tough mentally, but to push through was great. Anybody who knows me knows how much this means to me.'




3. Team England's Ballers Showing the Love

Both England Basketball teams had successful games on Sunday, with the women winning 78-51 against Mozambique. But there was more to celebrate following the men's win against Cameroon. Jamell Anderson, who plays as forward, with the help of his teammates, invited girlfriend Georgia Jones, who plays guard, onto the court and proposed. Well, where else would you get engaged as a couple of pro b-ball players?! It certainly warmed our hearts.




4. Punam Yadav's 222kg Gold Lift

India's Punam Yadav lifted a total weight of 222kg (100 snatch and 122 clean and jerk) to beat England's Sarah Davies. It was a tight contest with Yadav failing to lift the 122kg in her second attempt, but a clean third attempt swung the competition and the gold was hers. It's not the first Commonwealth medal for the 22-year-old who took home Bronze at the 2014 Glasgow Games. 

She may have been the one lifting 222kg, but it's been a family effort to attain this level of success. Yadav's elder sister Shashi was the first to start training as a weightlifter in Varanasi and Punam joined a year later, followed eventually by their youngest sister Pooja. But weightlifting is a combined effort of training and diet, and the family couldn't afford to support the nutritional needs of all three daughters. Punam was deemed the most promising athlete and was the only sister to carry on training. Punam said after winning, 'I want to do more for my family. I want to keep winning medals so they will be proud of me'.


4.5 Zoe Smith's Struggle for Silver

We had to sneak another in, because this athlete has worked pretty tirelessly for her medal. It takes a lot to get to a major event like the Commonwealth Games, and no-one knows this more than Zoe Smith. From losing funding twice to juggling A-Levels with a part-time coffee shop job and a full spectrum of injuries, Smith has been pretty flat out in making sure she can continue lifting. But a flare-up in her back just before leaving for the Gold Coast left her unable to lift even an empty bar at the beginning of the week. 'I had an epidural while I was in the prep camp', she said, and it was looking increasingly unlikely she would even compete. That's a pretty insane turn around in a matter of days. 




5. Georgia-Mae Fenton's Uneven Bars Routine

England's gymnastics squad is missing many of it's big names this year due to injury, but Fenton was undeterred by this pressure. Her inspiration for winning gold? Her mum's birthday. 'I was like: "What can I get her as a present?" and I thought: "Let’s just do my bar routine really good,”' she said. And she did. Fenton scored 14.600 with a super polished routine – watch it in full here.