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Chasing the Perfect Jump Shot

We don't see a ton of good basketball coverage around, so this article was a nice opportunity to learn about Mississippi State college-baller Morgan William, the shot that made her famous, what's making her falter and the mental struggle to get her game back.

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The Record Breaking Goalie Hoping to Become US Soccer's New President

This weekend a vote will take place to decide the new President of US Soccer. The current Pres. has been in the job since 2006 unchallenged, but is stepping down this year after the US men's team failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986. Eight candidates are standing including Hope Solo, who is adamant that the federation needs a radical shape up, not least due to their complex and mysterious financial situation. 

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Juggling Life as a Junior Doc & a New Season

Layla Guscoth is essentially a live-saving athlete at the top of her game. At 25, she's working full time at a Bristol hospital as a junior doctor alongside playing in netball's top tier Superleague with Team Bath. Naturally, she's pretty modest about it all: "I wish I could say I was really organised and had all my life together, but it's actually the complete opposite". 🀨 Looks like you're killing it from here. 

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Lizzie Yarnold is Peaking at Just the Right Time

Call us naive but, hurtling down a skeleton track at 85mph looks like one of the most fun sports you could take up, no? OK yeah there's the whole risk factor thing, but other than that a pretty good time surely. A huge GB hope in this year's PyeongcYahang games [no pressure], Lizzie talks about the hectic training schedule that means she's only slept in her own bed three times in the last four months, and the lock-jaw from tension she experiences daily. So much so that her "mouth becomes fixed and open, almost like in a scare mask". 😱😱😱

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The Games

A Glimpse Into the Lives of North Korea's Isolated Athletes

The Summer and Winter Olympics is the most access much of the world's media tends to get into North Korea, who have been competing in the games on and off since 1964. In this piece, the New York Times has done an incredible job of piecing together information from the country’s state news media, analysts, defectors and athletes who have competed alongside North Koreans, all to feed our fascination with the country.

Pictured above are the only two athletes in the North Korean contingent, figure skating duo Ryom Tae-ok and Kim Ju-si, who qualified for the games this year on merit. The rest have been granted exemptions by the International Olympic Committee.

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Img Credit: British Cycling

Img Credit: British Cycling

Track Cycling

Laura Kenny Returning 6 Months After Giving Birth

The four-time Olympic champion will be making her competitive return at the Track Cycling World Championships in the Netherlands at the end of Feb. Laura's baby Albert was born in August last year, and whilst she insists she's not putting too much pressure on herself, Laura has spoken about returning to training two months post birth, and the shock of how fast her form has started to come back.

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